Instagram Блеск Band Together participants complete a few performance tests and a brief survey every few months, to identify ways to make the program better. This group included adults who were at least 65. Here is what they told us in their surveys: Facebook Блеск Instagram Детейлинг Facebook Автостудия Глянец WHAT DO YOU LIKE?
“Interacting with the group, makes you look forward to coming”
“We can proceed at our own pace”
“It feels like I am getting stronger; It is fun being with others during the time”
“Makes me feel good, body and mind”
“Meeting people and getting my strength back”

Facebook Детейлинг Instagram Автостудия Глянец WHAT CAN YOU DO MORE EASILY NOW?

“Walk faster. Generally increased stamina”
“I can walk better and faster without using my cane”
“Walking more and enjoying it”
“Carry groceries and work in the garden”
“This has helped me to improve my balance”